Patrick Olsen
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A Play

A Dance

A Musical

A Monologue

A Rock Concert

A Psychedelic Trip

Or is it?

Patrick Olson – Emergence

Things Are Not As They Seem

“The Emergence of Profound Theatre at The Signature” Suzanna Bowling | Times Square Chronicles
“It opened my mind, and I experienced awe, like the thrill I get when watching the moon rise from the horizon or witnessing a solar eclipse.” Dr. Gary Small | Psychology Today
“Prepare to enter a theoretical haze that will leave you inspired and awestruck.” Dr. Russel Moul | IFL Science
“Emergence, an uncanny conceptual performance that merges art, science, music, and monologue and may well be the most original Off-Broadway show this season.” Deirdre Donovan | Off Off Online
“Olson’s show and his songs are filled with a hopefulness that lean toward wonder and awe.” Stuart Miller | Theater Pizzazz
“A genre-defying performance of profound thought, music, dance, and song.” Christopher “Caz” Caswell | Theater Scene
“Emergence is best described as a combination rock concert, modern dance show, and science lecture. Defying logic, it all somehow works.” James Wilson | Talkin’ Broadway
“The 90-minute show is family-friendly and geared towards anyone with a thirst for curiosity and a reason for our existence.” Ryan Leeds | Manhattan Digest
“EMERGENCE: A Theatrical Odyssey Through Sound, Science, and Art
A genre-defying and form-breaking theater experience that keeps audiences transfixed from start to finish.”
Josh Scott | Music Observer


About the Show

Emergence: Things Are Not As They Seem is a deeply original performance of music, spoken word and psychedelia, led by artist Patrick Olson. He is backed by musicians, singers, dancers, and large-scale immersive video imagery.

You will not have seen anything like it.

Combining thundering music and mind trip monologues, Emergence explores the deepest aspects of the human experience with a riveting dive into the domain between science and art – uplifting, emotionally powerful and revelatory.

Following a sold out run in Los Angeles, Emergence made its New York theatrical premiere from October 2023-January 2024. Sign up for our newsletter below, and join our social communities on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to hear about your next chance to see the show. You can also send us a message at with your questions and comments.